Friday, May 8, 2009

The Viking Coast

Apparently they call this the Viking Coast. Along this coast the Romans landed at Richborough around 43AD and conquered the rest of the country. In 449Ad Hengist and his Saxons landed at Pegwell Bay (just down from Ramsgate) and in 597AD St Augustine's arrival marked the introduction or invasion of Christianity.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ramsgate to Broadstairs


Sand. This water was chilly




Flint Sea Creatures

Broadstairs to Botony Bay


Personal Beach Kennels

Brick Chair


Botony Bay to Margate

Remains Botony Bay

Cavern Botony Bay

Rock Form and Cave

Rubber Flaps


Another eventful walk. This time to my surprise this walk ended up as a journey of discovering "flint" and other amazing rock formations. This walk was similar to an earlier walk along the coast from Deal to Dover. This time though, I walk completely along the shoreline. I could not help but think about the stone age man, who many thousands of years ago pick up a piece of flint and experienced its sharp edge. From that point in history mankind had very new possibilities. To skin its prey, cut its meat and eventually create a spark.